we convert your designs to mobile apps using Ionic framework starting from $149 per screen

You get unlimited revisions, money back guarantee, app for both Android and iOS, fixed price guarantee, assistance in publishing to app store and digital promotions

Non Disclosure Agreement is on by default

We respect the confidentiality and privacy of your ideas and designs. All your files and data are securely stored in Google managed infrastructure. When you engage us, we are automatically bound by an industry standard Non Disclosure Agreement that you can request and review.
If you have an NDA, send it to us. We will sign it and send it back to you.


Whether you want a high definition mockup to validate your idea or plan to launch a mobile app based startup, you can benefit from our cost efficient yet consistent and reliable processes.

Our fixed price model ensures that you are always in control of your budget and expenses.

your designs are converted to ionic by professional ionic developers

All apps are hand crafted

We carefully code, review, verify and test each screen making sure that each pixel is faithfully re-created

design to ionic helps you to go to the market faster

Faster go to market

Dramatically improve the speed of your delivery by starting your development process with a functional UI

design to ionic creates code, reviews, verifies and tests screens carefully

Faster idea validation

Use the high quality UI to share the app experience with your users and get their feedback early in the project lifecycle

all ionic designs are tested on both Android and iOS

Tested on Android & iOS

All the screens are tested on both Android and iOS so you can reuse the same code for both platforms

design to ionic reduces development cost

Reduce development cost

Fixed price ensures absolute control of the development cost. Use your budget on more important items of the project.

design to ionic optimizes development process

Optimize development process

We assist your team at all stages such as converting mockups to UI, building front-end, building back-end so on

How it works

It is as easy as 1... 2... 3... and you are always in control.

share your design or file at design to ionic

You share your
design url or file

Get cost and schedule at design to ionic

Get cost and

complete secure payment at design to ionic

Complete secure

Get UI or App based on your request at design to ionic

Get UI or App (based on your request)

Review and feedback at design to ionic

Review and

final delivery of source code at design to ionic

Final delivery of
source code



Recent projects by Design 2 Ionic team

Here are some of the recent designs that we have worked with. All these apps are
being shared with permission of the respective owners.

Submit your designs

The only thing that you need to bring your product idea to life is some drawings or designs of the UI of your app.
If you don't have access to professional designers, we have seen people successfully use Google Slides, MS PowerPoint, draw.io or any of the hundreds of free drawing and mock-up tools available on internet.


Step 1 of 3: share your designs

Step 2 of 3: confirm services

tentative budget: US$
we will share the final fixed price budget after reviewing your information

What do you want us to do for you

Convert design to Ionic pages

@ $149 per screen

Create complete Android and iOS app with back-end

Limited time offer @ $399 per screen

Publish on both Google and Apple store

Fixed price of $299

Step 3 of 3: contact information

tentative budget:US$
we will share the final fixed price budget after reviewing your information
+ 18% GST for payments within India

Thank you and next steps



design to ionic says thank you
you have successfully shared your design details
design to ionic says thank you



if you have followup queries contact design to ionic

Get follow up questions and queries related to your designs

Once everything is confirmed, we share the cost and time schedule along with payment instructions.

☛ Email us at sales@quadralyst.com if you need any help. We respond within 24 hours.



1. No payment required now

We will review the screens and confirm the number of screens, related cost and time schedules.You pay only when you are ok with the schedule.

2. Fixed price guarantee

The price that we share with you after reviewing your request, is the final price that you pay for these tasks. There are no hidden fees or charges.

3. Confidentiality guarantee

All information is bound by a Non Disclosure Agreement as mentioned in sections above

4. No minimum commitment

You can start with just one screen and add more screens later.

5. Privacy guarantee

All the information that you share with us will never be shared with anybody, ever. We will not use it even in our testimonials or marketing materials without explicit permission from you.



Still not convinced

Did you know that converting your designs to Ionic UI source code is one of the most time consuming aspect of your Ionic app development process.

Let us speed up the Ionic development for you. Our professional development team ensures timely delivery.

Our fixed price model ensures that you will always be in control of your budget and project costs.

Finally, did you know that there is no minimum commitment required from you. You can start with just one screen to try out the service and then add more screens when you feel comfortable.

Frequently asked questions


1. What payment options are available?

  • For amounts less than US$ 250 we accept Paypal, Transferwise or Upwork escrow payment
  • For amounts more than US$ 250 we accept Transferwise, direct wire transfer to bank account or Upwork escrow.
  • The payment details and schedule will be shared with you when we review your screens and confirm the budget.

    2. How to you count data driven screens?

    We count each unique Ionic page as one screen.

    So if the same screen is re-used with different data such as e-commerce product pages, etc then it is counted as one screen.

    3. What if some of my screens are very complicated and perform 10 different operations like share, favorite, comment etc?

    The estimate is for screens with average complexity. Usually our observation is that your app will have some screens that are very complex and some other screens that are simple.
    So we take less time on some screens and more time on complex screens and at the end the effort averages out.

    In case all your screens are very complex or very simple, we will revise the estimate after reviewing the designs and confirm it with you before starting the work.

    4. I have 5 slides at the beginning, are they counted as separate screens?

    No, slides that are same in look and feel but different only in content are treated as one screen.

    5. How do you count modals, popups, alerts, toasts?

    If the modal has input elements or is a page with functionality that has it's own set of inputs etc, then it is counted as a separate screen.

    If the popup, modal, toast etc are for displaying information or getting confirmation (Yes/No, Accept/Decline) purposes, then we do not count is as a screen.
    So, a signup form shown in a modal is treated as a separate screen.

    The confirmation message after signup is not counted as a separate screen.

    6. What kinds of apps are not suitable for this service?

    This service might not be suitable for Games and some other special purpose apps. We will review your screens and confirm it before starting.

    Did not find your question here? We would love to answer your questions. Please get in touch with us at sales@quadralyst.com with your questions or requirements.

    Work with us

    Come join the team of a leading mobile app development company in Central India. Following are some of the openings with us.

    Digital Marketing Executives


    Key responsibilities:

    You will be responsible for

    1. Engaging in brand building activities
    2. Improving user engagement
    3. Building and optimizing funnels
    4. Social media marketing
    5. Search Engine Optimization
    6. Content marketing

    Requirements for this role:

    1. Strong technical skills, including knowledge of website architecture, best practices and crawlability.
    2. Thorough understanding of Google Analytics / Search Console and the ability to effectively communicate the impact of SEO deployments.
    3. Fluent in written and spoken English
    4. Be familiar with data driven digital marketing methods
    5. Should be comfortable with Google Analytics, SEO, SMM and related skills.
    6. Should be able to create and use engaging content to educate, entertain and engage
    7. You must be located in Indore, (MP) India

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    Front-end Developers


    Key responsibilities:

    You will be responsible for

    1. Building beautiful responsive front-end for web and mobile
    2. Optimizing page display to engage users
    3. Working on test driven development in Angular
    4. Integrate the front-end with backend services

    Requirements for this role:

    1. Strong skills in Angular JS.
    2. Strong skills in HTML and CSS/SCSS
    3. Be familiar with unit and e2e tests in Angular
    4. Fluent in written and spoken English
    5. You must be located in Indore, (MP) India

    Get in touch to discuss more

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